Senior Collection

That one time I was in fashion design school to fulfill on my dreams. Have you ever seen project runway and said wow that is really awesome what they do, and wish you could do that? Or when one of the designers is crying on the show because Tim Gunn hates what they are doing and tells them to get it done and his advice is to take it another direction. Sometimes the designer listens and it pays off and sometimes it does not. And sometimes the designer sticks to their gut and it all ends up working out or it ends up a complete disaster. Well, Fashion school is just as intense if not more (in my opinion) than project runway. 500 fellow fashion design students started out like I did, eager to make their dreams come true. By the time my senior year started there were 80 and then by Christmas break there were 40 and then by the end of the year there were 20 of us. It was intense to say the least but it was also what I called groundbreaking.  I had tons of disempowering conversations in my head saying "Can I be the one who makes it?”, “ I'm not as good (technique wise) as some of my fellow students."   This is my dream, but the odds were definitely not in my favor. I even had a professor say before the break that my sewing skills were the skills of a 5th grader in front of the whole room and fit model. After the fitting was over I took myself to the bathroom and cried for two minutes, got myself together and worked even harder. Whether they agreed with my aesthetic or not I was going to make it till the end. Therefore, because it became a matter of my word and my commitment to my dream, I succeeded, against all odds.


Nicole Bell