The Big Move

August 2016, I moved my whole life to NYC as a continuation of my label and because in my heart, it’s where I belong... Texas will always be where I grew up and home away from home. When I started and launched my label I gave myself two years in TX and if I succeed then I'll move to NYC. It had been 1.8 years in Texas, with the question of what really is success? When will I be ready for NYC? When will I be making enough to move there? Though I have no answer to those questions all I know is that I belong there. With already being invited and shown in NYFW as well as many other shows in Houston, I deserved the chance for myself to give it all I got and make the move. My hopes and dreams is that someday soon I start seeing women all over wearing my clothes down the streets as well as on the red carpet. This new collection in some respects is like my first but with it being in the direction of glamorous street wear. My inspiration started from the process of what it means to be a woman in this society. Inspired by womanhood, the process of growing up and figuring out who you are and what you have to say through how you dress. I create clothes that transform women in how they feel and the bold confidence that exudes from that same woman after she's dressed in my clothes.

Nicole Bell