Trip of a Life time.


February 5,2016 I got on a United flight that will forever change my life. Lucky for me, the plane was empty, so I could have the whole row to my self, and with only one person in front of me, and nobody behind, I just knew this was going to be a great trip.

I arrived Saturday morning and met up with my friend who knew the perfect place to grab a croissant and made me coffee. Our journey began by window shopping the streets and then stopping at Palais Royal to explore and take pictures. Strolling the streets in Paris has to be one of my favorite things, there was so much to see, people to watch, and food to try. The next day we went to the outlets for more shopping in Paris, (which was so much better then an outlet in the U.S) next we ate at a cafe over-looking the Eiffel tower, then crossed the bridge of love locks for more shopping and eating.

Notre Dame de Paris (climbed my way up to the top of the church to view the bells and to see Paris from above)

Arc de Triomphe (very proud moment my first time taking the metro all by myself and figured out how to get there with no help ;) )

Louis Vuitton Foundation ( really neat architecture, a great photo taking place, and interesting museum) I actually walked there from the Arc de Triomphe, defiantly need walking shoes, guessing thats why adidas are so in style.

Louvre Pyramid (just explored the outside, didn't see the actual museum due to hours worth of long lines )

Musée Picasso (loved the museum which was also next to a Louis Vuitton Exhibition)

Panthéon ( loved walking the streets)

Jardin du Luxembourg ( perfect park to people watch and draw)

I was lucky enough to explore most of Paris and stayed with a friend who lived there, so I felt like a "Parisian Tourist" for the week I was there, she had to work so I had the day to explore, and not be afraid to take public transportation all on my own. Its something one should do in ones life, you really find out the person who you've become, and helps break away from the comfort zone that we have established growing up. I also did so much walking that everyday I was there I had walked at least 7-9 miles. So needless to say I came back to the states slightly smaller!!!

Nicole Bell